Kanta Para Sayo Ng Prospect Mo!

Kanta ito ng prospect mo para sayo!


Just Watch the video!

Madalas may mga prospect ka na nag-aantay na lang ng opportunity na galing sa sayo, pero because of FEAR Of REJECTION hindi mo masabi -sabi sa kanya ang opportunity na dala mo.


Kaya ang sabi tuloy ng prospect mo…..




More Success,

Edison Victorino


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Bakit Hindi Ka Kumikita Sa Network Marketing?


Downline: Ups, narinig mo na ba yun company xyz? Upline: Hindi pa baket?   Downline: Bukas kasi punta ako sa BOM doon Upline: Uhhhmmm… Baket kung saan saan ka pa tumitingin, baket hindi mo na lang invest yan time mo sa pagdedevelop ng business mo?   Downline: Kasi Ups madali daw ang kitaan dito ei… […]

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How To Fail In Network Marketing


This is how to fail in network marketing!   As a new distributor instead of doing the PRIORITIZE ACTIVITY, You will hide behind the need to study the product more, attend few more meetings, watching how you do it over and over, even though you already seen it ten times.   You will gladly attend […]

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How To Have A Solid Downlines In Network Marketing

Solid Downlines

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Eddie Chai – Meeting With The MLM Legend of Asia Pacific

Eddie Chai

Just a Flash back Friday o Throwback Thursday?! Naalala ko pa lang noong panahon na nagsisimula pa lang kami ng all time business partner ko na si Jerson Frange. Ito un time na nameet namin accidentally ang MLM Legend of Asia Pacific na si Eddie Chai. Eto un storya… Habang kumakain kami sa Nipa Hut […]

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Network Marketing Training: The Power Of Self Investing

Network Marketing Training: Self Investing

The most common misconception about network marketing is that you will get rich overnight. Take note, that network marketing is still a business. You need to put your heart into it, do the hard work, and give your best shot. If you are new in the industry, don’t expect that you’ll get rich overnight, invest […]

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How to Choose A Network Marketing Company

Network Marketing Company

When you first start looking at network marketing opportunities, it’s easy to get swept up in all the excitement. The recruiter talks up the company’s benefits and you can already visualize yourself as an entrepreneur running your own sales force. But in all the excitement, many people fail to do their due diligence and check […]

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Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing

Do you think Robert Kiyosaki is another network marketing guru? When I was starting in the MLM industry a lot of networkers are always quoting Kiyosaki specially his famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant. Maybe because in my opinion he’s the only author that teaches about that school is not a […]

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Attraction Marketing

MLM Attraction Marketing

Exactly what? You’ve never become aware of the concept of having someone pay you to become your customer? Well then, this allows and essential news. If you only checked out one piece of information today, let it be this. It will reinvent the means you do business. The principle of attraction marketing isn’t really terribly […]

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How Does MLM Work?

How Does MLM Work

Do you want to know how MLM work exactly? Probably you are currently involved with another MLM company and you are searching on Google for an answer to your question which is How can you work on your MLM. Well honestly, to have success in MLM it takes consistent action, and you should implement everyday […]

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The Fastest Way to Learn Online MLM

Online MLM

As you make every effort to build a network marketing business you ‘d be proud of, it is essential to discover the right method to learn online MLM. Understanding the principles of how you can make use of attraction marketing to get in touch with others online can be a useful tool to growing an […]

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