Network Marketing Training: The Power Of Self Investing

The most common misconception about network marketing is that you will get rich overnight. Take note, that network marketing is still a business. You need to put your heart into it, do the hard work, and give your best shot.

If you are new in the industry, don’t expect that you’ll get rich overnight, invest on yourself first….

Your income always follows your personal growth, and your income in only a reflection on how much value you bring to this world!

What do I mean by the word invest?

Network Marketing Training: Invest On Learning How to Do Digital Marketing

Invest on educating yourself on learning “How to Do Digital Marketing”. Buy course and training on digital marketing. I would recommend that you purchase Facebook Racket by Ecommerce102 and The Ultimate Guide in Facebook Advertising by Perry Marshall.

Why I’m recommending that you learn digital marketing?

Because with digital marketing is you have wider reach of exposures on your products and opportunities you are offering. It is affordable and cheaper compare with traditional advertising.

Network Marketing Training: Invest On Prospecting and Closing

Invest on educating yourself how to “Prospect and Close” people. Buy training courses and attend seminars and workshop on prospecting and closing. Once you learn the strategy invest time on applying what you have learned. Take immediate action followed by consistency.


Network Marketing Training: Invest On Leadership Development Program

Invest on educating yourself how to “Become a Leader and Develop Leaders”. If you don’t have any idea on leadership and it seems impossible for you to do it, ask God to give you strength, knowledge and wisdom on how to do it. Buy books and courses on leadership. I will recommend that you purchase John Maxwell books, Developing the Leaders Around You, and Developing The Leaders Within You. What you learned on the courses and on the book, apply it immediately followed by consistency.


Why Invest?

Invest is to sow…

And if you sow, you will reap.

If you sow an avocado, you will reap an avocado…

If you sow a mango, you will reap a mango.

Don’t expect to reap a mango if you sow and avocado.

Same in the network marketing industry, if you invest on learning how to do digital marketing you will bring in more prospects and clients because you bring more exposure on your business.

If you invest on learning how to prospect and close, you will bring in more signups for your business which bring you more direct referral or binary commissions.

If you invest on learning how to learning how to become a leader and develop leaders around you, then it will bring in more passive income because leaders are the one who make money in this industry.

Why medical doctors and lawyers are earning well, because they invest on themselves. They spend time (years and years of practice and study), money and energy.

How about you, are you investing for your personal growth?


Edison Victorino


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