How Do You Want To Build Your MLM Business, Online or Offline?

how do you want to build your MLM business?

how do you want to build your MLM business?

In any strategy in building an MLM or any type of business there is a pros and cons. So you go where your strength is. Don’t force yourself to build a business that you are not passionate about or don’t have any knowledge about it because you maximum will be minimum. It means that how much effort you exert you are not going to make it in the industry you are into because you are not gifted on that area.

Remember that each individual has its own strength and passion, so therefore you must have a clear mind, a clear goal, and of course a clear on how you are going to execute your marketing strategy to build your business.

In this blog post, I’m going to share the Pros and Cons in building an MLM business online or offline. This article is just my honest and unbiased opinion. These are only based on what I experienced, and learned from great leaders in the internet and network marketing industry.


Building an MLM Business Purely Online

You’ll get lost because of tons of information on in the internet. Information overload create information paralysis and your time is being wasted, especially if you are just starting out and don’t have a mentor to walk with you. So your down lines may experience the same information overload.

Imagine that your down lines are paralyze because of information overload, do you think you’ll be able to make money?

Another thing, there is no “warm body relationship” with internet marketing and even your down lines will have a hard time duplicating what you are doing online.

Doing internet marketing seems to be easy but actually it is not, but the advantage is that, it is passive, it offers more leverage and not expensive.

And when you build your business purely online, you are not actually a network marketer but an internet or affiliate marketer. So if you think you are a network marketer I suggest do both online and offline.


Building an MLM Business Purely Online

Building an MLM business offline is  too active, and expensive because you need CASH for mobilization. But it is simple, duplicatable, and offers camaraderie.

So if you are a type of person who loves to be with people, then building an MLM business offline is the best for you.

Want To Build an MLM Business Both Offline and Online?

Here’s what I’ve learned from a great internet network marketer and a instructor, Jerry Chen.

“Stop looking for SHORTCUTS, and stick to what works

In my opinion, you duplicate what successful people do in the industry. If you want to build a business purely online then find a successful person who will mentor you. Same as building a business purely offline.


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