How to Choose A Network Marketing Company

Network Marketing Company

Network Marketing Company

When you first start looking at network marketing opportunities, it’s easy to get swept up in all the excitement. The recruiter talks up the company’s benefits and you can already visualize yourself as an entrepreneur running your own sales force. But in all the excitement, many people fail to do their due diligence and check out the company before they get started. There are several important questions you need to ask if you want to ensure your success.

Network Marketing Company – Do You Like Their Products?

You’ll be pounding the pavement promoting these products and your enthusiasm (or lack of) will come through in your sales pitch. How can you sell products if you don’t believe in them? Choose a company with products you would use yourself.

How Is the Product Quality and Customer Service of the Network Marketing Company?

Product quality and customer service go hand in hand, and both reflect on the company. Make sure that the company is responsive to its customers’ needs by becoming a customer yourself and contacting their customer service desk with a question.

What Competitive Advantage Does the Network Marketing Company Have?

Most people get into network marketing because they get approached by one particular company or a friend. They may not take the time to shop around. However, there may be better products and better deals somewhere else.

Network Marketing Company – What’s the Size of the Market for the Product?

The product ideally should be something a large number of people will buy. If the market is small, there will be fewer people you can sell to, and you will run out of prospects quickly.

How Long Has the Network Marketing Company Been in Business?

This is a major consideration because many network marketing companies suddenly appear, recruit downlines, and then vanish with their money. Longevity is a sign of a good company that knows what it’s doing. You’re not going to build a long-term business if the company goes belly up.

What Training Does the Network Marketing Company Provide?

The training the company offers is a great help for its sales force. How much of the company’s training is free and how much do they expect you to pay for? Some companies get more profit from selling training materials to their downlines than from their products. You become their market. With a really good company, most training should be free.

What Marketing Support Does the Network Marketing Company Provide?

Some companies provide websites, samples, and other marketing materials for their new recruits. If they expect you to come up with your own, this will mean a greater time and money investment on your part.

What Is a Realistic Revenue Potential and How Long Will It Take Before You Start Earning?

Many companies make outrageous claims in this area, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. On the other hand, it should be only a matter of weeks before you start seeing a profit. Avoid any company that tells you it will be months or years, as well as companies that tell you that you’ll be making money tomorrow.

How Evergreen Are the Products?

If the company’s products are trendy or seasonal, this gives you only a small window for selling them. You need something you can sell continuously.

Are There Long-Term Growth Opportunities?

See if the company is working to improve its products or are planning to cross-over with other markets. As a company grows, your stake in it will grow too.

You can do a great deal of research on companies you’re considering by checking them out online. Facebook is a particularly good way to do this. Look at their Facebook business page and see how much activity there is among fans. It also helps to search the company’s name in a search engine along with negative terms like ‘scam’ or ‘con artist.’

My Conclusions

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