Do You Deal With People Who Look Down Negatively At Network Marketing?

Negative Person

Negative Person

Do You Deal With People Who Look Down Negatively At Network Marketing? Network Marketers have different point of views and opinions when I asked this question. Some answered ‘Yes’ and some answered ‘No’.

I believe the answer depends on the skills that you have and your connection on the person you are presenting the opportunity.

Make Them Feel Good

It is important that you know how to connect to people and make them feel good about you. What most network marketers are doing is that they are trying to ‘hard sell’ the opportunity. And thinking that the opportunity is what people’s need. It’s a big NO, people does not care your products or opportunity unless they see it as a solution their problem.

Ask What The Prospect’s Needs

It is also important that you should ask the prospect’s needs, wants, and goals first before you jump to the business presentation. It is not necessary to show the compensation plan neither the product every time you have business meeting. Know the prospect’s needs first. Because some don’t need the money but they need the products, some need the products but don’t need the money, and some don’t need both but they have belongingness issue.

Find the reason why they are negative about the industry. Maybe they heard negative things about the industry from other people. Or maybe they are afraid because they do not know the industry, it’s ‘fear of the unknown’. Or maybe they had bad experiences with people in the industry. Always address the issue, always ask your prospects why and what is the reason. Let them talk, beside networking is always a two way communication.

Now, don’t expect that they will join on the initial business meeting. If they did not, then it’s okay. Just do a follow-up by doing “Show-And-Tell” What I mean by this, is add them on your Facebook friend’s list or Facebook groups which is better, send them updates on your current activity by posting some videos or photos on your profile or even in your group page. Write some articles about the benefits of joining your business and products or even stories of people who are benefiting on your opportunity, and then send it on email.

Avoid sending sales letter DAILY because people does not want to be sold, remember that. And also avoid pitching TOO MUCH about your company, compensation plan, and products. If you are going to send a sales letter just do it at least once a week.

Another way is to send them positive messages on SMS to make them aware that you are just near. By doing this, you are creating influence on them, making them feel good about you, and your already selling to them but through education ‘SELLACATION’ .

Be authentic, don’t lie because once the prospect knew that, they will become more negative about you and the industry.

Now schedule a meet up, but not the typical business meet up. Just a meet up to know the person. Once you have a good relationship with your prospect and already aware on what you are doing, it is so easy to close and make them join you.

RELATIONSHIP must comes first before BUSINESS

Now here’s my answer to the question if I Deal With People Who Look Down Negatively At Network Marketing 

My answer is YES!

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  • Akos Fintor

    Hey Edison,

    Great tips.
    I usually don’t give a rat’s ass if someone is trying to bring me down with negativity. It’s their problem. I don’t ever try to convince people since you can’t really sell a business opportunity to somebody who’s not looking for one.