Are You Not Making Any Sign Ups in Network Marketing? I Have A Powerful Solution Called “Touch”

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The biggest mistake that your up-line taught you is that, “everyone is our market, all walks of life.”

Sounds familiar right?

This idea has been taught through out the network marketing industry. And this idea is absolutely not true. This is one of the reason why you are not making any sign ups because you think that all walks of life wants your opportunity. Remember that every people has its own needs. And they will never buy into your opportunity unless they feel the need. At the moment they don’t feel the need, they are not yet your market. They are not prospects but suspects. A fish will never eat your worm bait unless they feel the need to eat, same also to people. So you must wait for the right time until your market feels the need.

The key here is keep “in touch” with them. See the keyword here? – “in touch”

People loves to make friends in other words to be “in touch.” Most network marketers will not be in touch with their prospect if they’ve been rejected. I’m telling that its not rejection its a business refusal. Maybe it’s not right time for them to grab your opportunity, so you better keep “in touch” with them. You’ll never know what their mindset will be after 3 months, so keep “in touch.”

Another thing, people also loves to buy, but they hate to be sold if they do not feel the need.

So how do you keep in touch with your prospects?

This is where Social Media comes into action.

Social Media offers a conversational, low-pressure way to remain in the forefront of a prospect’s awareness  on a subject where there’s interest but no trigger for an immediate purchase. It can also keep you “in touch” with your prospects so when the needs becomes necessary, you’re first in line for the business.

A good strategy is not to view social media as a sales bulletin. I know this is  the area where most network marketers fail. They treat social media as sales bulletin.

Instead, think on how you can engage the prospect in a conversation about whatever product or service you sell, with the immediate focus on offering helpful information related to the problem, pain, or fear. Examples are tips, how-to-videos, short audios, interesting links, or interviews then share it on your social media site.

While you usually can’t the close a sale before the prospect has experienced a trigger point, once you’ve established a relationship you have a chance to educate the prospect about that trigger point.

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